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    I have been wanting a Coravin ever since I first heard about it six months ago. Some friends of mine were promoting wine and mentioned that they would occasionally do special events at Costco to sell these units, mostly during the holidays. “You could Coravin it,” they told me, after I expressed out loud my ...
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    If you have a wine cellar, or any room really that has WiFi, and you’d like to be able to monitor it at anytime from anywhere, here’s how to do it for free using mobile apps, and an old smartphone or tablet that you may already have laying around your house. You can also set ...
  • How to Easily Remove Labels from Wine Bottles

    We’ve all had awesome bottles of wine that we want to remember. Maybe it was a special occasion, a wine enjoyed with great friends, or simply just a rock star bottle you loved. If you have room (and an approving spouse) perhaps you keep the entire bottle as a display piece.  But I’ve always preferred to keep just ...
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    Wine openers can get fancy and people can get picky about them.  I know friends of mine who swear by their battery powered electric opener, of which I am not a fan.  Others have huge contraptions with handles that you could use to crush a brick in half.  I always viewed those as complete overkill.…
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    I was looking for an effective yet inexpensive device to read the temperature and humidity for my Artevino II EuroCave.  My main goal was to gain the ability to assess the temperature at different levels within the EuroCave, as well as keep an eye on the humidity.  In the instruction booklet for the EuroCave, it ...