• How to read a French wine label

    Reading a French wine label is a little different than reading one from the US.  The labels are typically more complex with unfamiliar terms and phrases but with a little practice and geographic research, you’ll soon be listing off your favorite appellations in no time. There are four key aspects to a French wine label ...
  • Rouge Tomate FEatured

    In two back to back podcasts on The Grape Nation, I heard references and heavy praise for a Manhattan restaurant called Rouge Tomate.  The first was in reference to the podcast guest’s favorite wine bar and wine restaurants in New York, while the second was an hour long podcast with the beverage director and partner at ...
  • 554

    The Rhone Valley in Southern France produces stellar wines using many different grapes than those found in other parts of France. In fact, in the popular and renowned Chateauneuf-du-Pape region, blends can utilize 18 different grapes. It sounds like it could get complicated but it really doesn’t. You just have to know a few basic ...