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    Riesling is one of the most misunderstood and arguably under-appreciated varietals in the modern wine world. And I’m really talking about the perceptions of your general everyday wine buyer. Not the wine geeks. I heard a quote recently about Riesling that I thought really summed it up right. It went something along the lines of ...
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    I always love finding and reading quotes about wine. Here’s a collection of a few that I thought were worth sharing. Enjoy, and please post any other wine quotes you’d like to share in the comments below. – Andrew, Editor   “Wine is sunlight held together by water.” – Galileo “What I like most is ...
  • Open Wine Lineup

    There are two important wine related news stories from the last couple of weeks that I wanted to share with you. The first is in regards to new research shared by Laithwaite’s Wine, an online retailer and wine club, who you would think would be in the business of helping consumers buy more wine, not ...
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    #1 Reinserting the stained side of the wine cork Here’s an easy one to get started. When you are reinserting a cork back into the bottle for storage, you should always insert the stained side towards the wine. Essentially putting it back in the same way it came out. Granted, it will be a little ...
  • 7 Lesser Known Regions of the Wine World

    Developing a complete appreciation for the world of wine frequently requires stepping out of your comfort zone.  And it’s hard to do, and rather expensive if you do it regularly. But on every trip to the store, I try to buy one bottle that I am not familiar with, or a wine from a region ...
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    The Rhone Valley in Southern France produces stellar wines using many different grapes than those found in other parts of France. In fact, in the popular and renowned Chateauneuf-du-Pape region, blends can utilize 18 different grapes. It sounds like it could get complicated but it really doesn’t. You just have to know a few basic ...
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    I have worked in restaurants for as long as I’ve been old enough to work.  There was always something about the warm interiors and delicious aromas that was very comforting to me.  I also enjoy watching people have a good time, and food and wine makes people happy. Over the years, I learned a lot ...
  • decanted the movie

    I first heard about this documentary while listening to a Grape Nation podcast that featured three of the main winemakers who were featured in the film: Steve Reynolds, Heidi Barrett and Anthony Bell.  All three are well known in the industry, and to hear they all collaborated on a film that aimed to provide an inside glimpse into ...
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    Wine decanting is a subject that can bring a lot of opinions into a room really fast, and it’s amazing how strong people feel about it. Here’s something you need to know: wine decanting is not that big of deal. Don’t be intimidated trying to figure out if you should decant or not, and if ...