• decanted the movie

    I first heard about this documentary while listening to a Grape Nation podcast that featured three of the main winemakers who were featured in the film: Steve Reynolds, Heidi Barrett and Anthony Bell.  All three are well known in the industry, and to hear they all collaborated on a film that aimed to provide an inside glimpse into ...
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    Today, we’re going to talk to Naushad Huda who is the founder of ILikeThisGrape.com, a website we really enjoy that is focused on modern wine culture. For people who don’t know, what is ILikeThisGrape? ILTG is a platform for the discovery and purchase of wine catering to the values of millennials. Our mission is to ...
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    The wine world has seen a handful of scandals over the past decade, involving everything from fake bottles that claimed to have originated from Thomas Jefferson’s personal collection, to someone attempting to poison the most precious vines in the world as a way to extort money from one of the world’s top vineyards. We will ...