• coravin featured

    I have been wanting a Coravin ever since I first heard about it six months ago. Some friends of mine were promoting wine and mentioned that they would occasionally do special events at Costco to sell these units, mostly during the holidays. “You could Coravin it,” they told me, after I expressed out loud my ...
  • I Think My Wine is Corked, What Do I Do?

    I was really excited to dig into a bottle of Beringer Quantum last night. I’ve had it before, so I know it’s delicious. I poured a glass for my companion and myself and put it to my nose to savor the aroma. Dark fruits, cigar box, and… musty wet cardboard? “It smells funky,” he remarked. ...
  • Open Wine Lineup

    There are two important wine related news stories from the last couple of weeks that I wanted to share with you. The first is in regards to new research shared by Laithwaite’s Wine, an online retailer and wine club, who you would think would be in the business of helping consumers buy more wine, not ...
  • 1326

    There are number of factors that will result in a bottle of wine going bad, but chief among them is exposure to drastic fluctuations in temperature, particularly spikes in high temperature.  Wine that is exposed to excessive light can be damaged, as well as a lack of, or excessive, humidity.  A lack of humidity can…
  • 830

    We’ve written before about how to identify a bad bottle of wine, and how to work with a restaurant Sommelier, so now let’s look at some general etiquette rules for sending a bad bottle of wine back, which can be a really uncomfortable experience for all involved.  But it really shouldn’t be at all. First…