• wine hacks

    #1 Reinserting the stained side of the wine cork Here’s an easy one to get started. When you are reinserting a cork back into the bottle for storage, you should always insert the stained side towards the wine. Essentially putting it back in the same way it came out. Granted, it will be a little ...
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    Foil management, or how people cut and remove the foil affixed to a wine bottle’s neck, is always a moving target depending on who’s doing it. My favorite is when people dig the corkscrew through the foil, struggle to put the cork out until it breaks through the top of the foil, and then leave a mess ...
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    Wine decanting is a subject that can bring a lot of opinions into a room really fast, and it’s amazing how strong people feel about it. Here’s something you need to know: wine decanting is not that big of deal. Don’t be intimidated trying to figure out if you should decant or not, and if ...
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    Given their odd shape, and difficulty accessing the bottom part below the skinny neck, I’ve tried many creative ways to effectively dry wine decanters but I end up either with water spots or stains I can’t clean and more often than not, a broken or chipped decanter as I get creative trying to position it on the kitchen ...
  • value wines in popular retails stores

    This is the time of the year, the beginning of a new year, when wine spending tends to slow down and many stores mark previous inventory on clearance in order to make room for new products. I’ve noticed that I don’t have as strong of a desire to buy wine as I did during the busy ...
  • How to Easily Remove Labels from Wine Bottles

    We’ve all had awesome bottles of wine that we want to remember. Maybe it was a special occasion, a wine enjoyed with great friends, or simply just a rock star bottle you loved. If you have room (and an approving spouse) perhaps you keep the entire bottle as a display piece.  But I’ve always preferred to keep just ...
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    There are number of factors that will result in a bottle of wine going bad, but chief among them is exposure to drastic fluctuations in temperature, particularly spikes in high temperature.  Wine that is exposed to excessive light can be damaged, as well as a lack of, or excessive, humidity.  A lack of humidity can…
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    Wine openers can get fancy and people can get picky about them.  I know friends of mine who swear by their battery powered electric opener, of which I am not a fan.  Others have huge contraptions with handles that you could use to crush a brick in half.  I always viewed those as complete overkill.…
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    Buying wine can be super simple, such as dropping a bottle in your cart at the grocery store, or much more elaborate, such as participating in a fancy tasting at a vineyard and shipping home your favorites. In every setting there are pluses and minuses to the experience.  In the grocery store example, you are…