• How to read a French wine label

    Reading a French wine label is a little different than reading one from the US.  The labels are typically more complex with unfamiliar terms and phrases but with a little practice and geographic research, you’ll soon be listing off your favorite appellations in no time. There are four key aspects to a French wine label ...
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    We all want to find the best wine values we can, but often times we aren’t looking in the right places, or observing the right things.  Are you looking at the label, the ratings, the price discount, or the sign that says “staff picks” next to the wine? Those can be helpful as part of ...
  • Wine cork

    Breaking a cork inside the neck of a bottle when opening wine can be particularly frustrating, especially if there’s a crowd.  While this doesn’t happen often (primarily on older bottles where the cork has experienced deeper seepage or become dried out and brittle), it’s usually not that hard to stage a strong recovery and remove…