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    The drive into Mayacamas Vineyards is breathtaking and serves as a sign of what’s to come as you meander a seemingly never ending maze of tight turns up Mt Veeder, edging along with a steep drop to the valley floor off to your side.  You just keep going up and up until you catch a ...
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    Visiting a winery, especially for the first time, can be intimidating and uncomfortable, but if you follow these tips and put yourself in the right frame of mind, visiting wineries can be one of the most rewarding, fun and educational things you do on your wine journey. The first thing you want to do is make…
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    I had never heard of Adler Fels wines before sampling some of their wines recently and writing this review, but having now been introduced through their excellent ’14 Pinot Noir and ’15 Chardonnay, it is a name I will associate with top quality wines from here out. Adler Fels sources grapes from various regions and crafts their wines ...
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    Cliff Lede is one of those rare wineries that appeals to everyone from beginner to connoisseur and they do it with a fun, laid back rock n roll vibe that is rather unique for the area.  A visit to Cliff Lede is always  an inviting, compelling, and comfortable stop in the heart of Napa Valley ...