photo-jul-18-5-24-29-pmNo one instantly knows everything there is about wine.  It’s not something you study (for most of us), or pick up quickly after a few bottles.  Building a knowledge base, vocabulary, palate and familiarity with wine and wine regions, takes time, practice and is really a journey that in our opinion lasts a lifetime, not a few years. And the journey is really the fun of it.  Add in the fact that each year produces another new vintage of wine, and you can see that wine appreciation is an ongoing target, which is much of the appeal really.

I’ve written a few short pocketbook guides to wine, and would of course recommend that you check them out, but I’ve summarized some of the content on the various varietals and regions that you need to know here.  I hope this offers a little more information on what to expect from different wines you may encounter from around the world.

Take a gander through the different sections listed below, feel free to dive deeper into the books if you like, and remember to try new wine, experiment, and you will constantly be learning, expanding your palate and building your knowledge bank.

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